Best Kept Secret to Success Vancouver

Best Kept Secret to Success in Life, Love & Business Vancouver – February 23 & 24


Granville Island Hotel
1253 Johnston St
Vancouver, BC
V6H 3R9

Dates & Times

February 23rd
Breakthrough Mastermind
9:00 – 11:30am

Best Kept Secret to Success Main Event Day 1
1:00 – 5:30pm

February 24th
Best Kept Secret to Success Main Event Day 2
8:30am – 5:00pm

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A Frock-alicious Life is calling you!

If you are a smart, passionate and driven entrepreneur or small business owner who has big plans to push your business and life forward. If you are determined to live the life you’ve dreamed of, and see wild success in your business.

If you are tired of being the best kept secret in spite of all you do.

Then this event is for you!

Best Kept Secret to Success events provide access, connection, clarity, community, collaboration, knowledge and resources to entrepreneurs who are passionate, driven, and ready for change in their life, love and business. What makes these events different is that they ensure accountability, implementation and results before, during and after attending. This is not shelf help, it’s a hands-on two-day event that will cut through obstacles and inspire real change.

Information shared will fuel your business and life for deep lasting change. You will leave ignited and recharged, with a plan in-hand to ensure you continue to take the steps to live your Frock-alicious life.

The presenters are a comprehensive group of business and personal development experts. Each presentation is specifically designed to serve a different area of your life, business, and interpersonal relationships.

About the Breakthrough Mastermind Pre-Event

Have you ever been frustrated with a dilemma or challenge that you know can be solved, and yet try as you may you can’t fix it? Often the solution is crystal clear, but you are likely too close to see it.

Did you know that 50 out of 100 entrepreneurial start-ups with 6 or more employees don’t make it past the 5-year mark? And even more frightening is 3 out of 100 of solopreneurs or entrepreneurs with 5 or fewer employees, don’t make it past the 3-year mark.

This is largely due to cash flow challenges and lack of access, collaboration, knowledge, and resources.

The solution is rooted in collaboration and connection with like-minded people with like-minded goals, who need objective advice and accountability. That is what the Breakthrough Mastermind is all about. Attendees get answers and ideas through brainstorming with others in the group. They tap directly into the collective experience and skills of other attendees. The result? Success and validation.

Who should attend the Breakthrough Mastermind Pre-Event?

People who:

  • Want to maximize their event experience.
  • Want to accelerate their results in life, relationships, and business.
  • Understand that ACTION is the key to change, and their desire to raise the bar exceeds their fear of change.

A Pre-Event Breakthrough Mastermind is designed to identify a specific challenge via a short series of questions completed prior to the event. The challenge, along with the need, is shared with the group. It effectively puts each participant in the hot seat.

These short, but highly effective interactive gatherings, produce a plethora of solutions for an immediate need for clarity.


About Jo Dibblee

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Jo Dibblee, and I am your Frock Master, Hostess, and Founder of Frock Off Inc. My inspiration for this event comes from living in hiding for 35 years. I was a key witness in a murder investigation. Out of necessity I wore frocks of protection. I lived in disguise; not even those closest to me knew the real story. I was successful, and acknowledged for the good work I did. I even won international awards! Yet I lived in constant fear of being discovered.

In 2013 I went public with my story through my book, Frock Off: Living Undisguised, and I was featured on national television. I wanted to help women and children who had been in traumatic situations, yet I very quickly realized that the need was much greater. Many more successful, professional women portrayed success on the outside, but told me they felt like impostors. Most of these women felt paralyzed, and couldn’t take the leaps they really wanted in their lives and businesses. I knew I needed to provide the resources to these women too, and hence Frock-alicious Life events were born.

We are going to walk you through exactly what is needed to live A Frock-alicious Life. I did it after decades of hiding and living in fear, and today my life is Frock-alicious. I have the privilege of working with thought leaders and game changers and being the change I am seeking in the world, while raising much needed funds for worthy not-for-profits.

My Mission:

“To touch 13.1 million hearts: By unleashing the collective voices of women through access to knowledge, connection and resources so that they live the life they dream and see unprecedented success in business and be the voice for those whose voices have been silenced. Creating systemic change in lives, communities and the world by tapping into true purpose and calling. Celebrating joy, growth and success!

Because you matter and it’s YOUR time and YOUR turn. Choose you. I offer you the best of all I have to inspire you to choose you too.

I’m so grateful to be a part of the Frock-alicious event and team and thrilled to be connected with such a purposeful group of women. It was so heartwarming to see the level of giving and receiving at the Frock-alicious event. There was an openness of sharing that isn’t often experienced at a business event. The speakers were so inspirational and generous. Seeing what they have achieved shows that anything is possible when you follow your heart and soul. ~ Lynn Robinson, Life Without Regrets

Janice Martin

Janice Martin


Janice Martin is a change catalyst and business coach with a 20+ year track record in leadership roles creating successful sales teams, building strategic alliances and growing highly profitable businesses in the retail, hospitality and food service industry. Janice has worked with high profile organizations such as Ten Thousand Villages, Gordon Food Service and many other regional and national organizations.

Using a proven 5 Step Implementation Methodology developed by her consultancy, Magnum Consulting, Inc. Janice works with individuals, independent business owners and organizations to create action and results oriented plans to reach and exceed goals and objectives. Her extensive experience and holistic approach to building successful teams and empowering individuals provides a solid foundation on which to build organizations, manage change and create and implement successful plans of action.

Janice is an accomplished speaker, MC and facilitator working with executives, sales and marketing teams and speaking at industry associations, corporate and community events.

Francesca Anastasi

Francesca Anastasi

Influence: You’ve got it!

Influence is power and we are all born with it. We influence people constantly whether we are aware of it or not, positively and negatively. Because we have this power, we bear a huge responsibility on how we use it. Learn the things we do unconsciously that may not have the effect we want and understand how to use this ‘super-power’ consciously, instead of letting it happen by chance.

We have the power to create an unstoppable and positive ripple effect that can dramatically change us and those around us. By using conscious influence we can make a lasting impact in our personal and professional life.

I can teach you how to:

  • Recognize the gift of influence in yourself.
  • Become your own hero.
  • Practice Intentional and responsible influence.
  • Nurture the leader you were born to be.
  • Create an unstoppable ripple effect.

Francesca Anastasi (aka Sabeya) shares the tools, principles and systems she applied as an instructor, as a business consultant and as the director of Confidance Institute Inc. which made the company successful against all odds.

Francesca offers business and personal development programs and is creator of the Magnificent You women’s conference.

She is also the founder of the annual, international charity event Shimmy Mob for which she received the ‘Telling Our Story’ Award.

Barbara Edie

Igniting Your Soul Fire

Finding and living the truth of who you are is the most powerful tool for success, happiness, and growth you have. This presentation will offer the keys to discovering your soul’s creative fire, how to fuel it, and how to direct it to catalyze and create the greatest results and impact.

Igniting your Creative Soul Fire:

    1. Find it.
    2. Fuel it.
    3. Embody it.
    4. Be it.

An inspiring speaker, writer, and transformational mentor, Barbara Edie is the best-selling author of Creating the Impossible. A vision catalyst and intuitive guide, Barbara helps purpose-driven entrepreneurs, women in business, and conscious creators bring their dreams to reality by connecting to their inner guidance and soul’s truth.

She walks her talk, and has realized some of her own big dreams includIng climbing to the summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro to raise thousands of dollars for abandoned kids in Kenya, and returning to Africa for four months in 2017 to teach some of the principles of her book to children. She’s now developing a program called “Creating the Impossible for Kids.”

Barbara’s own truth that lights her up is empowering people, young and old, to follow their heart’s intelligence and create extraordinary lives they love.

Michela Quilici

Michela Quilici

Getting to YES! 3 Steps to Enroll your Ideal Clients, without Stalls, Objections or Hassles

Business growth + marketing expert, Michela Quilici, has a relentless passion for helping people be seen and heard. She navigates mission-driven business owners to get focused on the right marketing and business development activities to gain more exposure, magnetize qualified buyers, and double revenues with much less effort.

In Getting to YES, she demonstrates 3 key practices that will take you from where you are now, to blooming to the next level of your brilliance and business excellence.

You will walk away with:

  • Key factors for growing more quickly and purposefully in your business
  • Practical ways to change the bad habits that are preventing your potential clients from saying yes to working with you
  • Powerful tips to stop falling into the most common traps that are causing you to leave money on the table
  • A paradigm shift so you can stop chasing and start magnetizing your clients

Michela Quilici is a business growth + marketing expert; “Business Navigator” is her middle name. She works with coaches, consultants and service professionals who often find themselves spinning their wheels without direction or a plan for knowing what to do and how to do it, to help them authentically market and strategically grow their business with purpose and confidence.

Despite her successful business career, she has been on a life-long journey of overcoming deep emotional and psychological traumas related to not having a voice and not being seen. She continues to call herself forward to further step into her voice, create her success and succeed against any odds. Her purpose is to inspire others to do the same.

Over the past 17 years she has coached and consulted hundreds of entrepreneurially minded companies, globally, from start-up to $20+ million to take business owners and their business to the next level of excellence.

Bonnie Todd

Living a Shame Free Life

Bonnie will take the audience on a journey from a scared little girl to a empowered, bad ass woman. She once struggled with addiction, abusive relationships, bad parenting, and loss, yet felt a deep desire to change and a willingness to show up in life. Now through speaking and writing she shares her story and teaches people to live shame free.

She will share how you can start:

  • Knocking shame down.
  • Aligning yourself with your values.
  • Showing up fully in life.

Bonnie Todd is a badass warrior fighting the war on shame. She came from a dysfunctional family where she endured abuse throughout her childhood. BUT she overcame the trauma, the addiction, and the shame. Her mission is to inspire, empower, and support women and children to heal from the cycles of abuse/addictions, and to teach people to live a shame free life.

Jude Temple

Perfectionism Didn’t Make Me Gandhi, It Made Me Puke: How to Let the Truth Set You Free

We all use coping mechanisms to help us survive the stresses of life. Some of us have a glass of wine (or four) in the evening to unwind. Some of us employ “retail therapy” to shop our troubles away. Some of us inhale a bag of Oreos as reward for a tough week.

But how healthy are these coping mechanisms? How well are they actually serving us? And what happens when a once-trusted coping strategy turns on us…and the very thing that used to help begins to harm?

There is a better way.

If you are ready to move out of fear and into freedom, there is a simple, straightforward approach (notice I didn’t say easy) that you can implement TODAY that will take your life from “yikes!” to “YES!” If you are ready to begin genuinely embracing life instead of merely enduring it… Let’s do this!

In this talk you will learn:

  • How to protect yourself from harm, no matter how you choose to survive.
  • How to exit the vicious cycle of an unhealthy coping strategy.
  • How to turn “Survive” into “Thrive”!

Jude Temple is a Master Certified Life Coach, a recovering perfectionist, and a “should”-slaying ninja. It is her mission in life to help failing perfectionists and people-pleasers quit “should”-ing on themselves so they can open their hearts to the deliciously sloppy joy of real life. In her former life as a Palliative Care Nurse, Jude learned to ask the big questions of every life and now brings that depth, solemnity, and joy to her coaching clients. Jude lives in the beautiful rain forest of Vancouver Island with her hubs, and their Pit-mix ‘dog’ther, Maggie. You can connect with Jude via email at or on her website

Brenda Hammon


We are given choices in our lives, and when we suffer a traumatic events those choices become skewed with this new and scary outlook we have about ourselves.

We can change our course in life when we change our choices.

You will learn:

  • You can move past a trauma
  • You can have the life you want
  • You are worth it.

Three time International best selling author, international award winner, philanthropist, ex.director of the animated film A Shaft if Light:the child within, entrepreneur, motivational and inspirational speaker, Brenda breaks down the walls of silence surrounds stories that nobody wants to talk about openly. With her new book Sacred Hearts Rising Anthology she is changing the way we all feel about taboo subjects.

Frock Master & Hostess Jo Dibblee

From Best Kept Secret To The Spotlight

Are you tired of being the best kept secret in life, love and business? It’s time to change that! But it will take your full engagement and commitment. Actualize the results you want and deserve. We can’t change what we can’t share, acknowledge, or own. Step out of the shadow – it’s no place for you! No matter what has happened in your past, it doesn’t determine your destiny. Are you ready to claim your place, to embrace and live the life you dream of? Tap into your genius to move the needle of success. It’s your time and your turn!

During Jo’s session you will discover how to:

  • Breakthrough, recognize and release the challenges (frocks and masks) that are holding you back.
  • Gain confidence and clarity in your actions.
  • ASK for what you need and deserve.
  • Become an attraction magnet
  • Be the change, you are seeking.

12 for 12 Spotlight SpeakerLisa Meikle

Lisa Meikle


When we connect with our soul-self, we connect with the vibrant parts of ourselves that want to be expressed – and this brings true joy! When self-love and appreciation starts with you, it has a positive effect as it ripples into every other area of your life.


You will learn:

  • What is soul-care?
  • Why is it important?
  • Experiencing “The Four Qualities of the Heart” Ritual.

Soul Nourishment Coach and Owner of Bodacious Living by Lisa.

Inspiring women to carve out me-time as an act of self-love and appreciation. Making self-care a lifestyle they love, loving themselves first.

Lisa is passionate about teaching women to make self-care a way of being. Helping them create rituals to support their well-being. She has 3 decades of serving women in her spa as a self-care expert, soul-nourishment coach. She recently took her Spa to a higher level where she continues to nurture and nourish women but now has added Soul-Care – the inner care of the self, for those women that want to go deeper in their self-discovery journey. She has spent the last 3 decades expanding her knowledge of massage, energy healing, and deep feminine empowerment work, through trainings including Warrior Sage training, the Mystery of Life, and Soulful Women’s Certificate Program.

12 for 12 Spotlight SpeakerKim Sibbitt

Kim Sibbitt

Silver Linings – The story of The Circle That Heals

Adversity offers the opportunity for our Soul’s growth through the Human Experience.

We grow best through contrast, wanting to be, do or have something different than what we do or have in the present moment; we have the ability to choose and act. AHA!

“The Circle That Heals” was created in a moment just like this. I was using art to heal my own heart. When you have been through a tragic event in your life, the first time you come up for air is usually before the dust has settled and the diamonds have yet had a chance to shine. But you’re alive and kicking, and this is the moment you ask, “Please show me the Silver Lining here?”

I would like to share with you why it is critical to ask that question and when you do, be open, the Universe must answer. It is Law.

You will learn:

  1. How does art heal? We hear of people who heal themselves from illness by going back to doing things they loved to do as a child, taking up a creative pastime or giving up a high stress job to travel. How does that work? Learn how to make this energy shift your life.
  2. Let’s dispel the myth about the weakest link. There are no weakest links. Every person, thing or grain of sand mirrors a part of something greater than itself, including YOU! It’s a matter of perception that has, in my view, been skewed for a long time. The link that breaks carries the biggest lesson. It takes guts to step out not weakness. Be willing to step out, it can change your life.
  3. “I’m not very creative.” Really!? Learn the power of creativity when you embrace your own power to create. Creativity does not belong just to the Arts. Let’s redefine the word creative and paint a new canvas for your life!

Born in Toronto with crayons in her pockets, Kim demonstrates that her love of creating has been the common thread connecting many dots in her life. Mostly self taught, Kim dabbles in painting, sculpture, photography and even home renovations to express herself. She believes that Art heals; a concept that came through her when using art to heal her own life which led to the creation of “The Circle That Heals”. Kim believes a person’s confidence soars when they discover their voice through creative expression in any aspect of the Arts.

The opportunities to live in Mexico, Turks and Caicos, Sooke and now calling Victoria home, provided unique ways to share her creativity. Kim has been known as “The Lady Painter”, a residential painter, for over 25 years which provided a good living to raise her son. Now she is ready to exchange those paint brushes for inspiring new horizons as “The Artful Kaleidoscope…Seeing Beauty in Every Turn.”

12 for 12 Spotlight SpeakerDebbie Hartz

Debbie Hartz

The Upside of Love

Has love changed?
Have we changed?
Can we find love in 2018?
What are the current challenges?

You will learn:

  • Relationship Management
  • Support of our love and our relationships
  • Support of our love and our relationships
  • How do we manage our love

I am a connector and an influencer. I am a student of love. I am a Matchmaker. I am a relationship management expert. I believe that love starts with each one of us and we can change the world we are in with love one person at a time.

12 for 12 Spotlight SpeakerLaureen Nowlan-Card

Laureen Nowlan-Card

Step Into Your Greatness – On and Off The Stage

The call for women to speak up has never been stronger. We are being called to transcend the stories and beliefs that keep us quiet and playing small.

I am committed to helping entrepreneurs take action in alignment with their greatest visions for themselves, their business, and the world.

The things that hold us back from taking our place on the public stage are often the same things that hold us back from stepping fully into our greatness in life and business. Taking the public stage is like pressing the “amplify button”. Everything you think and fear becomes amplified because you are preparing to be seen fully. You are going to share your ideas, thoughts, and visions with the outside world. So public speaking is a fantastic vehicle for both personal and business growth. When you work through the things that hold you back from stepping into your greatness on stage, you are also working through the things that hold you back from stepping into your greatness in life and business.

Learn tools for releasing what is really holding you back.

Imagine being able to step up and speak out confidently, powerfully, and with ease in your personal and professional life – on stage, in meetings, with clients, in sales conversations, with family members and friends.

Imagine feeling free to shine your true brilliance in the world without hesitation.

You will learn:

  • Recognize and release what’s holding you back.
  • Own your unique value.
  • Gain tools to overcome fear, self-doubt, and resistance (in public speaking, in life, and in business).
  • Transform the physical feelings of nervousness and fear into friendly energy that fuels you to speak powerfully and confidently.

Laureen Nowlan-Card has been an active advocate for women, children and marginalized communities her whole adult life. Her natural passion for advocacy led to a successful career as a courtroom lawyer for 20 years. Four years ago she decided that she wanted to support women in a more proactive way, personal way, and became a certified Transformational Life Coach, a facilitator of WomanSpeak and GirlSpeak public speaking training, the first Canadian trained in Emotional Liberation Therapy, and a facilitator of women’s circles. Laureen’s clients benefit from the combined strengths of her analytical mind, her grounded sensitive nature, her keen intuition, and her extensive experience as a public speaker. Believing that “we go farther together”, Laureen considers it an honour to support women to reach their greatest potential in life, business, and leadership.

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